Scan On Demand

Scanning is a great service, but it’s not right for everyone. If you need to access your information infrequently but are required by law to keep it for a certain period of time, scanning everything outright might be a waste of resources. With our scan on demand program, you can store all your files in a secure off-site facility and request to have documents scanned and sent to you as needed.
We take care to keep both our facility and our files secure. We use advanced encryption techniques to keep others from accessing your information and are fully HIPAA-compliant. A typical request takes about eight business hours to be filled, although smaller requests can take less than four.

If you’re tired of tending to mountains of documents you rarely need to look at, scan on demand is perfect for you! We’ll take care of storing your files, and you can conveniently access the ones you need from the comfort of your computer or other electronic device. Give us a call for a quote! 
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HIPAA compliant, NAID AAA certified and recycle-friendly

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