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For over 116 Years our family has been serving the Salt Lake Valley. In 1907 my Grandfather James Greensides began hauling baggage at the Rio Grande Train Station. With the help of my Grandmother Norma, Sugar House Transfer grew into a local and long distance moving and storage service. James and Norma’s two sons joined the business and helped it grow. In the 1960’s my father David added records storage, then in the 80’s he added our first paper shredder.

As time has changed we have evolved. Sugar House Archives & Shred is no longer involved in the moving industry but is focused on Storage and Records Management Services. As part of that focus we began scanning documents years ago. Our scanning department has grown greatly. With the diversity of the scanning options we provide we felt it appropriate to operate the scanning department under a name that more fully expresses its services. Though still part of Sugar House Archives & Shred, the scanning department operates under the name “Salt Lake City Document Scanning”.

My brothers and I have followed our father’s footsteps and are part of the business. As technology and people’s needs change we plan on evolving into the future as we have through the past. We have been taught the value of hard work and local customer service. We are teaching our children the same. We plan to continue our Grandparents legacy to the 4th generation and beyond.

Jason Greensides

About Us

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