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Document Scanning

For the quickest, most affordable document scanning in the area, choose Salt Lake City Document Scanning today!

Document Scanning

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We can quickly scan your documents with OCR indexing software. Storage options include nearly any file format on our online repository or on physical storage device (e.g. DVD or flash drive).

Medical / HIPAA Scanning

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Save your documents on our secure, HIPAA compliant online repository. You can view and update patient information as often as necessary without the hassle of physical records.

Legal Scanning


Work one on one with us to determine the legal scanning option that fits your needs. We’ll keep your files easily accessible and always export with the appropriate load file

and meta data.

Large Format Scanning


We can scan your blueprints quickly and affordably with our large format scanning services. We offer CAD conversion and a variety of coloring options to suit your budget and your individual needs.

Microfilm & Microfiche


We can scan a variety of microfilm and microfiche formats, including Computer Output Microfilm (COM) and aperture cards. You can adjust the size and zoom to best suit your individual needs.

Family History & Scrapbook


Convert old journals, scrapbooks, and photos to a modern, easily accessible digital file. The process is safe, so you can be confident your items will stay out of harm’s way.

Photos Scanning

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We can quickly scan photographs and save them as high quality digital files. You can keep them on a flash drive or host them on our convenient online repository for easy access.

Negative & Slides Scanning

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Using a multitude of digital scanning platforms we can converts your negatives & slides into easy to access pictures. Bringing your out dated collection into the digital age.

View Our Scanning Process From Start To Finish
Is your office overflowing in paperwork? Is your company drowning in the amount of documents you have to keep on file? Let Salt Lake City Document Scanning relieve you of your burden! We’re the premier document scanning company in Salt Lake City, Utah, with some of the most affordable prices and the most convenient features.

Directions To Our Office


We are conveniently located a few blocks north of I-80 (take the 700 East exit), and about half a mile east of I-15 (take the 2100 South exit)  at 450 East 2200 South. For those who are familiar with the Sugar  House area, we are directly south of St. Ann’s Catholic Church and School.

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